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Life is pretty sweet, and we’re the first ones to say it’s always sweeter with good branding. Edoughble, an LA-based company that makes edible cookie dough, approached us to help take their existing retail brand and turn it into a vibrant, full-of-life shop. To bring the brand’s sweetness to life, we started by creating a color palette and brand shapes that represent sprinkles, ice cream, chocolate chips, and other sugar-y icons that would entice taste buds.  

For the exterior of the shop, we designed buzzy, eye-catching ‘coming soon’ window signs during the construction to create visual interest and let the neighborhood know that something sweet was in the making. But we didn’t want to settle for just catching eyes, so we made sure that the rest of the exterior design incorporated fresh colors for a fun, lighthearted vibe. Powder blue, often associated with sugar, and sunny yellow both bring warmth, a bit of nostalgia, and a sense of friendliness while standing out from the neighbors. To finish off, we worked the building’s pre-existing awning into the design to bring a slightly vintage feel - and take it to the next level.

Leaning into the cheerful fun that comes with edible cookie dough, we drew from vintage references and created a ‘Sweets’ neon sign to bring an iconic visual to the shop. And, never ones to shy away from a bold moment, we made a second neon sign to bring an equally instagrammable vibe to the interior. Their shop (and dough) is now love at first bite sight.

“Amber and her team were amazing to work with. We came to them with an existing brand and we wanted to think about the brand in 5 years and bring that new energy to the storefront. She did an amazing job understanding our vision and creating the design for it. We get compliments on the storefront all the time. About how premium and happy it feels. It is truly a work of art!”