Brand Identity
Print Collateral


Four Spa is a luxury nail salon & spa located in Saudi Arabia. Offering services like manicures, eyebrow threading and even massages, Four Spa is a relaxing haven in the heat of Riyadh. With 3 locations and a growing popularity among locals and travelers, they came to Nice People for a brand refresh to create a bolder, lasting impression.

The goal behind the new brand is to feel like an American brand with a nod to their Arabian culture. Since the interiors carry a modern luxury feel, the brand was designed to fit within their existing spaces. The biggest deliverable in the brief was to create an iconic pink bag to serve as a walking advertisement at hotels, malls, and the airport in the city. Their signature pink was modernized, their Arabic 4 submark refined, and a new wordmark was introduced that's a mix between art deco signage and turn of the century latin type like Ehmcke Antiqua.