Kind Culture Company was founded by two moms on a mission: to inspire and empower children to create a kinder world. They have dedicated themselves to creating a business that gives back and does good continually and they approached Nice People to create branding and packaging for their new line of dolls — The Good Deed Fairies. 

The story behind these fairies is similar to the tooth fairy, but in this scenario they reward kids for doing good deeds. Each fairy comes with 10 scrolls of paper where a child can share their good deed with the fairy. Overnight the fairy shares this good deed with their fairy friends and either rewards the child with a gift, or writes an encouraging note back. The design of both the dolls and packaging is meant to combine the idea of pixie dust and night time. Iridescent stars and moons are sprinkled over their tulle skirts, as well as all over the boxes they arrive in. Each fairy has it’s own name and associated color. And every one of the pixie dust particles is hand placed in the box design, to convey the very unique and personal idea of these child warming toys.