Lazü is an innovative skincare product that combines a candle and skin balm in one. This product comes from skincare chemists who work on formulating products by day, and wanted to create their own brand by night.

The design of the brand is meant to be feminine and feel luxurious, and the product even comes in a gift set of 2 or 3 small candles so they can be gifted. The linear logomark of a candle and oil drop is embossed into the copper lids, and is meant to be seen as an infographic that helps quickly illustrate the new brand to skincare consumers. The label design is a modern take on apothecary remedies since the formula is focused on 100% soy and natural oils. The grided lines, and text-focused details were created to elevate the brand, and highlight all the essential info of the candle. And lastly, each fragrance is differentiated by a subtle color border with copper foil used in every moment possible.