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Nearly two in three millennials (63%) find that expertise is lacking in the big-box pet stores, grocery stores and mass retailers. In the pet space specifically, companies have grown to create colorful and ”cute” content to capture a customer’s attention rather than focusing on important product or label information.

In response to these industry problems, Nice People created a new type of pet product design that would be in stark contrast to what’s on the shelves. The solution was: minimal, scientific, and informative. With side-by-side comparisons of competitors, the difference was eye catching, with a goal to entice the affluent, millennial, devoted pet owner.

With the product centered in being pure, all-natural ingredients that are affective for pet health, the package features every natural ingredient with it’s coinciding benefits. And with the silver metallic bag, and black and white label, it’s the product that can confidently sit out on a shelf of luxury minimal home products.